The page below describes the generic method of how to create a developer app.

GoTo application APIs accessed through the Developer Center are authenticated first through an application. That application is a developer- and product-specific entity you define. This means, to access both GoToMeeting and GoToAssist APIs, you create two developer center applications. Once you have authenticated the application, you can obtain an access token and authenticate application users.

1 - Register for a GoTo developer account

Registration on the developer site  is required to create developer applications and submit API calls. It is not required to review the API documentation.

Go to and register.

On the GoTo Developer home page, click Get an Account, It's Free!

  1. In Create your GoTo ID, enter your name, email, and a password and click Sign up.
  2. You are informed that an email was sent. Open the email and click Verify my email address.
  3. Return to the GoTo sign up tab in your browser and click Proceed.
  4. If your email verification does not appear, try logging into the site with the ID you created.

You can start exploring and playing and coding immediately.

2 - Have access to a GoTo account

API developer accounts are free, but the APIs run GoTo products which require user accounts. If you or someone in your organization does not have a GoTo account for the product you are creating a client app for, you can get a trial account for a limited time. Trial accounts require a username (valid email) and a password.

Trial accounts are available at no cost for 30 days:

  • GoToAssist - connect users through active screen sharing
  • GoToMeeting - schedule and hold online meetings with all the tools
  • GoToTraining - conduct online trainings with supporting documents and tools
  • GoToWebinar - create, conduct and store online webinars
  • GoToAssist Service Desk - manage your IT tickets and incidents, configuration, issues, knowledge, change and contacts
  • GoToAssist Remote Support - provide support with two-way screen sharing, file transfer, remote diagnostics, multi-monitor navigation, multi-session support and annotation tools
  • GoToAssist SeeIt - offer field support using our expert mobile app with full camera and audio sessions, session recording, annotation, snapshots, and photo management tools

The Admin API requires a multi-user account. You can create a multi-user trial account for GoToMeeting/Webinar or Training when you set the number of organizer seats to more than 1.

We recommend each user has their own credentials even during development. This ensures integrity of each users' experience and keeps authentication authentic.

3 - Create a developer application

Each developer on the site requires a developer account and product-specific developer application in order to authenticate and access resources. The developer application provides a named entity that can make requests. The entity is associated with one product and one only. When you create the application, the system generates a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. These values combined (Base64 encoded) can be used to authenticate the application you are creating.

  1. In the Internal Developer Center, click My Apps. The My Apps page displays. If you already have apps, they are listed here.
  2. To create a new app, click Add a new app on the My Apps page.
  3. Enter the App data:
Parameter Description
App name Identify the application. The name of the application will be displayed to users when they are asked to allow access for API calls on their behalf.
Description Add notes or descriptions that help distinguish the app.
API Product Select the product you want this application to access. For the Admin API or SCIM:  Create an application for any of the supported products (GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, GoToWebinar or GoToAssist) to access the Admin or SCIM APIs. To learn more, see Administration REST API.
Application URL (Also known as the Redirect or Callback URL) The landing page where users should end up after logging in.
  1. Click Create App.
  2. Back in the My Apps page, open the new application.
  3. Copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret values (example below):
Parameter Example Value
Consumer Key Nc2I8YfAkeFaOf4JuKeYBBQJFGfTGmvR
Consumer Secret GfIKahyRRQIGqau2


You can now create an access token for user authentication for API calls to the specified product.