The GoToTraining quick-start includes:

  1. Register for a Developer Center account.
  2. Obtain a product license for your target LogMeIn product.
  3. Create a developer application in the Developer Center.
  4. Authenticate your accounts and get an access token for API calls.
  5. Make your first LogMeIn API calls.

Working straight through these steps takes 30 to 60 minutes.

The instructions below are minimal - no screenshots, and very limited explanations. If you need additional information, click the Tell me more... links at each step

If you have problems, contact Global Support

Before you start

These steps assume you have downloaded and installed:

  • Curl for your system to support full-feature URLs
  • Postman as an API test and development portal.

Register for a GoTo developer account

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  1. Go to the GoTo Developer Center
  2. On the GoTo Developer home page, click Get an Account, It's Free!
  3. In Create your GoTo ID, enter your name, email, and a password and click Sign up.
  4. You are informed that an email was sent. Open the email and click Verify my email address.
  5. Return to the GoTo sign up tab in your browser and click Proceed.

You are registered.

Have access to a GoTo account

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Get a GoToTraining account. You can start a 30-day trial, open a full account, or arrange with an existing user to access GoToTraining.

Create a developer application

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  1. In the GoTo Developer Center, click My Apps.
  2. The My Apps page displays. If you already have apps, they are listed here.
  3. Click >Add a new app on the My Apps page.
  4. Enter the App data:
    • App name - for example, GoToTraining API
    • Description - for example, GoToTraining Reports
    • API Product - GoToTraining
    • Application URL (also known as the Redirect or Callback URL) - The landing page where users should end up after logging in. During testing, this may be the Postman application. If so, you would enter the following URL:
  5. Click Create App
  6. Back in the My Apps page, open the new application.
  7. Copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret values:
    • Consumer Key - sample value: Nc2I8YfAkeFaOf4JuKeYBBQJFGfTGmvR
    • Consumer Secret - sample value: GfIKahyRRQIGqau2

Authenticate and get an access token

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  1. In a text editor or in the URL entry area of an active browser tab, enter the following URL, substituting the Consumer Key value for {ConsumerKey}:{consumerKey} &response_type=code
  1. In a browser window, paste the entire string into the URL entry area and press Enter.
  2. You (or your user) is sent to the product sign-in page.
  3. If the user is not already logged in, they sign in with their credentials and must click Allow to allow access for the developer application.
  4. >The user is automatically redirected to the redirect URL you defined in the developer center application. The redirect URL has a Response Key added to it:{responseKey}

You may see an error on the page such as 404 NOT FOUND. This is not a problem. Look at the URL in the browser. It should contain the responseKey you need for the next step. It will look something like:{responseKey}

You can now get an access token:

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  1. In a text editor, create a curl statement as follows:
curl -X POST "" \
-H "Authorization: Basic {Base64-encoded consumerKey and consumerSecret}" \
-H "Accept:application/json" \
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" \
-d "grant_type=authorization_code&code={responseKey}&redirect_uri=http%3A%2F%2F"
  • Replace {Base64-encoded consumerKey and consumerSecret} with the encoded string “consumerKey:consumerSecret” from a tool like The resulting string will look something like:
"Authorization: Basic ZXhhbXBsZV9jbGllbnRfaWQ6ZXhhbV9jbGllbnRfc2VjcmV0"
  • Replace {responseKey} with the code you received in the prior step.
  • Replace the redirect_uri= string with the landing URL for your users.
  1. Send the completed curl statement. You should receive a response like:

The return data includes:

  • Access_token - authorization string to pass with API calls
  • Expires_in - expiry in seconds (60 minutes)
  • Token_type - always “Bearer”
  • Refresh _token - before the access token expires, you can send the refresh token to obtain a new access token and refresh token pair. You can use the new access token for the next 60 minutes.
  • Organizer_key - the product organizer’s identity in GoToTraining.
  • Account_key - your company’s account number.

This access token can now be used to authorize API requests by setting it in the Authorization header with the following format: "Authorization: Bearer {access_token}".

Make a successful API call

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  1. Click the following link to get the latest Postman Collection:
  2. Open Get Trainings from the collection.
  3. In the API URL, replace {organizerKey} with the organizer_key value from the Response, above.
  4. Click the Headers tab under the call URL and enter Authorization in the Key column, and enter Bearer {access_token} in the Value column where {access_token} is replaced with the access_token value from the Response.
  5. Click Send. In the Body section of the Postman window, you should see Status: 200 OK. The API body for a GET call should show retrieved data if any is available. (You may need to run a POST call to create data first).

Choose Save or press Ctrl-S to save the call including the new token for future use.