“In the absence of conversation, people make assumptions.” - Bill Boulding, 2018

Meetings are the oil of the economic engine. In meetings are the ideas, the questions, the plans… the future. With GoToMeeting APIs, making meetings is easy.

GoToMeeting APIs connect your users. You can set them up to create their own online meetings and send out invites, or let them create an immediate online meeting. Your users get all the advantages of GoToMeeting:

  • Top-rated audio in the industry
  • A world-class online meeting app
  • Conference room support
  • Recordings and transcriptions (if turned on for the user account)
  • Complete reporting

You can set up the system to use a branded interface, or rely on the GoToMeeting organizers' portal.

GoToMeeting API Overview

There’s stuff worth knowing about GoToMeeting if you are going to use the APIs. But, if you want to just go play with the calls and see how they work for yourself, you can jump to the Help and FAQ page and check out How do I get Started?, or go straight to the GoToMeeting Postman collection and start making calls.

The GoToMeeting API suite lets you create and run interactive meeting sessions over the web or via a mobile device. Each session is created and moderated by one or more organizers. Once a meeting has been created and scheduled, attendees are invited and can R.S.V.P. for the meeting, saving the meeting invite to their Google or Outlook calendars.

At the scheduled time, the organizer starts the meeting. This launches a live, interactive meeting session; attendees who were logged in and waiting for the session to start are joined in automatically, and any new attendees join directly.

Joined Accounts

A GoToMeeting account is the foundation for GoToWebinar and GoToTraining accounts, and therefore the GoToWebinar and GoToTraining API suites rely on the GoToMeeting account and APIs. For example, while each product has a separate interface and log-in, anyone who has a GoToWebinar or GoToTraining account can log into and use GoToMeeting. As a developer, each product needs a separate API key, but you use one organizerKey for a user in each of the related applications.

A feature valuable to many GoToMeeting users is the ability to enable OpenVoice Integrated toll-free audio services on the account. This is a low-cost means of adding up to 500 additional participants to an online event. They are limited to audio, but they can use the chat feature, and all users can, if the organizer chooses, view the names of the other participants.

Automate and Administer

The Administration API enables your admin users to manage users, groups and licenses; maintain custom data; create default product settings; and report extensively on scheduled and historic events; recording use; and on activity, usage, rates, and billing.

IMPORTANT: It is best practices to use the GoTo Admin API to manage users and groups (e.g., Create Organizers) for GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining, and OpenVoice products. The similar API calls in these products work, but do not support multi-tiered accounts - those accounts with, for example, 25-seat and 100-seat product accounts in the same corporate account.

Getting Started

To get started, go to the Help and FAQ page and start with How Do I Get Started?

NOTE:  The GET Meeting Link call returns a URL. Clicking on the returned URL starts the meeting without an organizer and without the need to enter credentials. However, the link is only valid for a few minutes, then the organizer must login.