The GoToAssist Service Desk API relies on Users, Incidents, Services, Customers, Groups, and Categories resources. The links below connect you to the API references for these.

Non-endpoint resources

Calls Summary

Call Type Object URL Description
GET Incidents Retrieve a list of all incidents
GET Incident Retrieve a single record by ID
GET New Incidents[id]/incidents/new Retrieve defaults for a new record
POST Incident[id]/incidents Create a new record
PUT Incident[id] Update an existing record
GET Customers Retrieve a list of all customers
GET Customer[id] Retrieve a specified customer
POST Customer Create a new customer record
PUT Customer[id] Update a specified customer
DELETE Customer[id] Delete a specified customer
GET Groups Retrieve a list of all groups in the system
GET Group[id] Retrieve a specified group
GET Companies Retrieve a list of all companies in the system
GET Company[id] Retrieve a specified company
POST Company Create a new company record
PUT Company[id] Update a specified company
GET Users Retrieve a list of all users
GET User[id] Retrieve a specified user
GET User Retrieve current user record
GET Accounts Retrieve a list of all accounts
GET Account[id] Retrieve a specified account
PUT Account[id] Update a specified account
GET Services Retrieve a list of all services
GET Service[id] Retrieve a specified service
POST Service Create a new service
PUT Service[id] Update a specified service
Onboarding Tasks
GET Onboarding Tasks Retrieve a list of all onboarding tasks
GET Onboarding Task[id] Retrieve a specified onboarding task
POST Onboarding Task Create a new onboarding task
PUT Onboarding Task[id] Update a specified onboarding task
DELETE Onboarding Task[id] Delete a specified onboarding task
GET Attachment[id] Retrieve the metadata of an attachment
GET Attachment[id]/[filename] Retrieve the content of an attachment
POST Attachments Upload one or more new attachments. This request should be a multipart POST with one or more files attached as the "files" parameter.
Time Entries
GET Time Entries Retrieve a list of all time entries
GET Time Entry[id] Retrieve a specified time entry
POST Time Entry Create a new time entry
PUT Time Entry[id] Update a specified time entry
DELETE Time Entry[id] Delete a specified time entry