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- Lisa See

The GoToAssist Seeit API allows creation of a camera sharing session between someone using the GoToAssist Seeit endpoint application and a web user.

The API consumer (typically some code that integrates GoToAssist Seeit with a helpdesk or ticketing system) creates the session with an API call and receives a Start URL and a Support Key. The Start URL can be launched in a browser to actually start the session and to connect to it; the Support Key can be sent to the endpoint user. The endpoint user enters the key to also connect to the session. The web user can also send a Join URL (that is displayed in the web front-end) to the endpoint user. Once in the session, they can click the camera icon to begin sharing a live video feed.

The API, at this point, is a single call: createSession. This allows you to embed the call in your users’ workflows and, if you choose, automate the process of sending the Support Key.

Simplified sequence of events for a GoToAssist Seeit session

Each session is unique and exists until the session is ended – it is a one-time event. A new session requires a new createSession call.

Session Capabilities

Once in session, the following features are available (subject to change independent of the API):

  • Web and endpoint app: Mute or unmute your own audio
  • Web and endpoint app: Leave the session
  • Endpoint app: Share or stop sharing the camera
  • Endpoint app: Turn camera flash on or off

Session Create

The createSession API call creates a new, unique session and returns a JSON message:






The API consumer launches the startUrl in a new browser tab or window to connect to the session. The supportKey can be displayed or automatically sent to the endpoint user.

The uuid uniquely identifies the session and will never be re-used. It will be useful later when session reporting is available, letting the API user cross reference their own ticketing or CRM solution and the GoToAssist Seeit services.

Endpoint App

The endpoint app is available for iOS and Android devices. Just search for the GoToAssist Seeit application.

iOS Join Session screen


In order to use the GoToAssist Seeit API the API consumer needs to be authenticated using their corporate account ID. To avoid forcing the web user to log on again, the Start URL contains an embedded auto-login ticket. When the URL is opened, the Central Authentication Service (CAS) verifies this ticket and redirects the user to the desired application URL with a valid authentication token.

Media Streaming Requirements

At least one of the following requirements is required for the web front-end and endpoint app:

  • Communication using UDP is allowed.
  • Communication over TCP port 443 is allowed for non-web (i.e. non-SSL) traffic. Note that some proxy/firewall rules block this kind of traffic by default.

If neither communication method is possible, you cannot send or receive audio and video streams in a GoToAssist Seeit session.

Getting Started

To get started, go to the Help and FAQ page and start with How Do I Get Started?