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IMPORTANT - Individual API pages have been retired from this site. See the Postman Collection for API call specifics.

The GoToAssist Remote Support API provides developers with the ability to create seamless integrations between GoToAssist Remote Support and third-party applications that comprise an organization's existing IT support infrastructure. The GoToAssist Remote Support API provides the ability to initiate attended remote support sessions from external applications and retrieve the related session information to incorporate into external applications.

GoToAssist Remote Support lets your IT technicians connect to a customer's desktop computer or mobile device to provide real-time support. Your techs can connect from their desktop or mobile device and can work with the customer in attended mode, or access the device without the customer in unattended mode. They can share the customer’s screen, control the mouse and keyboard, chat, draw, and transfer files.

The GoToAssist Remote Support API creates integrations between Remote Support and third-party applications within yours existing IT support infrastructure. The API allows technicians to initiate attended or unattended remote support sessions from your external applications and retrieve the related session information to incorporate into those external applications. This session information can be utilized for incident tracking, reporting, billing, auditing and other purposes.

Key terms:

  • Technician: Person providing support using GoToAssist
  • Customer: Person receiving support
  • Partner system: System making calls to this API
  • Partner Object: A data entity in the partner system. Typically the partner object will be the ID of a ticket in the partner helpdesk/ticketing system.

The GoToAssist Remote Support web app is an online support tool that you access from a browser on your desktop when you log in. The web app consists of a dashboard, devices, recordings, and reporting.

Quick-Reference: Remote Support API Calls and Resources

The API suite and calls are documented in the Postman Collection linked to this page. The following table provides reference of all the calls included.

GoToAssist Remote Support APIs

Calls Resources
Partner-System links  
GET Partner-System link info
POST Partner-System links
GET Download recordings
GET Available recordings
PUT Archive recordings
POST Transcode recordings
DEL Recordings
GET All sessions
GET Extended sessions
GET Companies
GET Machines
GET Screen-sharing session info
GET Webchat session info
GET Webchat transcript info
GET Start attended session in browser
POST Start screen-sharing session
POST Start webchat session
POST Anonymize sessions
Ticketing Call-Backs  
GET Tickets
PUT Associate ticket
POST Ticket
GET Cases

Data Security (GDPR Compliance)

Remote Support user data can be deleted and anonymized as required under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Use the getSessions call to identify sessions for users who wish you to anonymize or delete their data. You can then use the anonymizeSessions call with the specific session IDs to anonymize and delete the relevant user data.

Note: Technician data (data stored for GTA-RS Technicians and Admins) is not removed.

Getting Started

To get started, go to the Help and FAQ page and start with How Do I Get Started?