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GoToAssist Corporate APIs supports integrations with your organization's multi-representative internal IT support infrastructure. The API lets you manage representatives and teams and to retrieve portals. For a product overview, see the GoToAssist Corporate product site.

To get started, go to the Help and FAQ page and start with How Do I Get Started?

GoToAssist Corporate APIs

GoToAssist Corporate APIs enable you to create teams and representatives and assign them to portals defined in your GoToAssist Corporate environment. Both teams and portals can be organized into a parent team or portal with multiple sub teams or portals.

Any team can be assigned to a portal and subportals. Any representative can be assigned to any team and subteams. 

Deleting a representative removes that representative’s information. IMPORTANT: Deleting a team deletes associated subteams, representatives and saved reports.

Start the URL of the API requests with https://api.getgo.com/ (link is external)

Quick-Reference: API Calls and Resources Reference

The full API suite and documentation is available in the Postman Collection, linked on this page. 

GoToAssist Corporate APIs

Calls Resources
GET Representatives
GET Representatives with Paging
GET Representative
POST Representative
PUT Representative
DEL Representative
GET Representative Portals
PUT Representative Portals
GET Teams
GET Teams with Paging
GET Team
PUT Team
DEL Team
GET Portals
GET Portals with Paging
GET Portal


Because GoToAssist Corporate is designed as an in-house, or intranet, application, the API requests use direct login rather than OAuth. Direct login is simpler and more efficient for making requests. 

Query Parameters

All GoToAssist Corporate GET methods support the following query parameters:

  • Sort - The sort parameter retrieves the results by specific criteria in ascending (asc) or descending (desc) order. The default is “asc”. Multiple sort parameters can be included, separated by a comma.
  • Filter - The filter request is a key-value pair. Wildcard * support in the filter value depends on the filter name being searched.
  • Attribute Names - The attributeNames parameter lets you to choose which fields will be returned in the response.


The following call retrieves teams data, filtering for all teams with a teamName starting with “KTe”; returning only the teamName, portalKey and teamKey; and sorted first by teamName in ascending order, then by portalKey.



All GET methods support HATEOAS (Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State) pagination of the responses when called with additional page and size parameters.