General FAQs

Are there Postman collections available?

Postman is a Google product that lets you maintain and run collections of API requests. A set of API collections for GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and GoToTraining is available. See the Using Postman API Collections page for links and instructions. Please be aware, these collections are NOT SUPPORTED!

How do I get started?

The Developer Center enables you to provide your users with powerful tools - online meetings, trainings, webinars, technical support, and administrative capabilities. All Developer Center accounts are free.

If you have problems, you can search the Forum to see if other developers have had the same issue. And you can always contact support.


How do I sign in to the Developer Center?

This site uses your GoTo account ID for user authentication. Sign in with your email address.

If you do not remember the email address you used, you can use your former username to retrieve it.

How do you authenticate users and get authorization for accessing a user's account?

For a detailed overview, with steps, options, and syntax, see How to Get an Access Token and Organizer Key.

If you are working with GoToAssist Corporate, see How to Use Direct Login to authenticate and authorize. Direct login only takes a single step, but is only used in relatively secured environments such as intranets.

What is a Consumer Key (Client ID) and why is it important?

A single registered development user can have multiple applications. Each developer application has a unique consumer key. A Consumer Key is required to authenticate your developer account with a GoTo account.

To find the Consumer Key of your app go to My Apps on the Developer Center. You will see a list of all your apps. Click on the app you need the key for and select the Keys tab. It displays your app's Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, and Callback URL. At this time the Consumer Secret is not used in the API.

To use the key to obtain an access token, see How to Get an Access Token.

How do I create a developer application?

All API calls through the External Developer Center require a Consumer Key. You get a Consumer Key by creating a developer application.

How do I get GoTo product trial accounts?

API developer accounts are free, but the APIs run GoTo products which require user accounts. If you or someone in your organization does not have a GoTo account for the product you are creating a client app for, you can get a trial account for a limited time:

  • GoToAssist - connect users through active screen sharing
  • GoToMeeting - schedule and hold online meetings with all the tools
  • GoToTraining - conduct online trainings with supporting documents and tools
  • GoToWebinar - create, conduct and store online webinars

The Admin API requires a multi-user account. You can create a multi-user trial account for GoToMeeting/Webinar or Training when you set the number of organizer seats to more than 1.

How do I use a third-party application or plugin?

Developers build specialized applications or integrations using GoTo APIs and make these integrations available for subscription and use by anyone. You can review several of these applications in the Integration Marketplace. These integrations enable you to use GoTo APIs with specialized or extended functionality without doing any additional development work. If you are using an integration, keep the following points in mind:

  • You will likely need a GoTo product account in addition to the Integration account.
  • You will access GoTo resources through the integration, which means that:
    • You DO NOT need a developer account unless the integration explicitly states that one is required.
    • You should work directly with the integrator for documentation, support, and access.

How are date formats and time zones implemented in the API calls?

In all Post calls, always use the UTC date format, 2015-12-11T09:00:00Z (i.e., include the trailing Z), to ensure correct creation of dates. In all cases, you should also declare the organizer's local time zone. This ensures the event displays in the organizer's time zone in the Admin Center for GoToMeeting, GoToTraining, and GoToWebinar. These practices also result in consistent and correct treatment of dates in other APIs. If you omit either or both values, inconsistent behavior can result.

List of Time Zones

What are the HTTP response status codes and how do I fix any errors causing them?

The error codes you receive can depend on the data and data formats included in the call. For instance, the key values such as organizerKey, webinarKey, etc., are all numeric. Passing an incorrect key value may return different error messages than if you include alphabetic characters or non-numeric characters. This link provides API status code explanations. For a general overview, or if you encounter codes not documented here, see the WWW3 organization’s Hypertext Transfer Protocol.