Response Type


Request Parameters

sessionType The type of session to create (only "SCREEN_SHARING" can be used at this time).

layout* The style of HTML that will be displayed when starting the session (e.g., "iFrame"). If this parameter is not present, then the HTML will fill the entire browser window.

partnerObject* The ID of object in the partner system that this session will be associated with.

partnerObjectUrl* The URL that may be used in the GoToAssist Expert desktop application if the technician wants to view the partner object.

Note: The URL can be used in a popup window or iframe that is 600 pixels wide and 500 pixels wide. For example, a popup window could be created with HTML code as follows:

Start Remote Support

sessionStatusCallbackUrl* The URL that will receive a POST when the session status changes. A POST will also be made to the sessionStatusCallbackUrl when a customer joins the session and when the session ends (whether or not a customer joined). The contents of the POST will be similar as the GET /v1/sessions/ API.

Note: The ID of the session is not known until the session is actually started on the endpoint. If the URL is not specified or the session is never started (e.g., if the customer cancels the installation of the GoToAssist Customer desktop application), then the callback will not be made.

* Optional parameters

CURL Request Example

curl -X GET "https://api.getgo.com/G2A/rest/v1/session?sessionType=screen_sharing&partnerObject=456&partnerObjectUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fmysupport.com%2Ftickets%2F456"

Response Example

HTTP/1.1 302 Found Location: https://launch.getgo.com/launch.html?token=e0-20I4qQNx