Create and add attributes for user records. Examples include 'department', 'division', 'phone,' etc.

Attributes are data fields you can add and populate for users. They consist of an attribute name and the attributes themselves. With the attribute methods, you can create new attribute names, access them, update the names, and delete them. See User Attributes for the methods to populate them for your users.

This page provides the syntax for all attributes methods. See HTTP status codes for API responses. Where additional error codes apply to a method, they are documented with the method.


Name Method URL
Create Attribute Name POST /admin/rest/v1/accounts/{accountKey}/attributes
Get Attribute Names GET /admin/rest/v1/accounts/{accountKey}/attributes
Update Attribute Name PUT /admin/rest/v1/accounts/{accountKey}/attributes/{attributeKey}
Delete Attribute Name DELETE /admin/rest/v1/accounts/{accountKey}/attributes/{attributeKey}
Set User Attributes PUT /admin/rest/v1/accounts/{accountKey}/users/{userKey}/attributes