APIs are largely self-documenting by design. Looking at a list of API for a specific product tells you at a glance what resources - users, devices, reports, meetings, etc. - you can access, and what you can do to or with them - create, read, update, delete (CRUD).

Site content curation

We have designed this site to be as simple as possible. The intent is to provide:

  1. A strategic overview - what you need to know when you design your implementation,
  2. A quick-start - getting you through the account enrollments, the authentication, and through the first successful call (and introducing you to the tools and interfaces we support), and
  3. A Postman collection - a widely-used and easily adaptable tool that enables you to create a usable environment with built-in authentication and parameters, save your test calls, create call sequences, and share your results.

We are eliminating all individual call documents on the site. These individual calls documents are a navigation pain, and they are redundant with the Postman content. 

We are also in the process of removing the Swagger pages on the site. Swagger is an excellent API tool for internal development teams, but it does not retain data or authentication for external developers, each implementation is a bit different, and it is, once again, redundant to other content. 

Site support

IMPORTANT: The user forum has been deprecated. Please use the Help bot in the documentation pages or the Support Request Template for technical issues.

In previous years, we maintained a monitored forum and direct support with a team of qualified engineers and support staff. Focus and investment on APIs tends to fluctuate in any business, and we needed our engineers on the front line of the product, so we implemented our own product Bold360ai (formerly NanoRep) as the path to documentation and support.

Our apologies! When we implemented Bold360ai in April 2018, we had no one assigned to field questions that were submitted as unanswered, and the interface was unclear. We are resolving those questions now (although much more slowly than we wish).

Site feedback

We welcome your feedback on the site and documentation. Currently, you can email david.petry@logmein.com. Please do not ask technical questions as we don’t own any of those resources. If you have problems with the site - a broken Quick-Start, incorrect information, or more global responses, we would love to hear from you.

Thank YOU!

...for using our APIs to create new opportunities for users around the world!